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Jan 9, 2013 7:30pm PST
administrator issues another letter of determination determining there has been no lapse, and the conditional use authorization remains valid. that letter of determination sets no date of lapsing, and as a matter of fact the owner doesn't even submit a building permit application until late in the year 2012. in its year the planning department mischaracterizes the grounds and claims not so slyly the appellant argues that the zoning administrator doesn't have the authority to interpret conditions of appeal. that's not what the appellants argue. there are matters with respect to which interpretation is valid and legal by the zoning administrator, but interpretation is not the same as changing or modifying, and what the action of the zoning administrator constituted was a modification which under the planning code only can be effectiated by the planning commission itself. therefore, the appellates ask that you revoke and declare null and void a permit which has [inaudible] by reason of a failure to comply with the condition established by the planning commission on may 19, 2005. >> thank you.
Jan 28, 2013 5:00am EST
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Jan 4, 2013 10:30am PST
, an aging service program specialist for the newly reorganized administration for community living here in region 9, the department of health and human services. he has over 23 years of experience in the field of aging and long-term support services. he served as the aging service program specialist since -- 19, ok. not a kid would say 1906 and in 2006. 2002-2005. we asked him to join us here with some wise remarks. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. can you hear me? all right. well, on behalf of the original administrator for the newly created administration for community living, i would like to congratulate the city and county of san francisco for launching the 2012 aging and disability technology summit. it was approximately a month ago that secretary kathleen sebelius said the u.s. department of health and human services announced the creation of this new federal agency, and that is the administration for community living. and in her words, she said "for too long, too many americans have faced the a possible choice between moving to an institution or living at home without the lo
Jan 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
a joy it was to get to know becky when i worked in the allen administration during a real revolution. o great restoration, and virginia was going true a difficult time, and george allen championed the great reforms of abolishing, implementing academic standards, reforming welfare so the crazy thing where you have to work for benefits, which, now, of course, is watered down, but becky was part of the revolution. as secretary of health and human resources, there was no issue that she was unwilling to tackle, and that is a tough area for conservative. she was there on the front lines during the entire administration, and she was an inspiration for me and for a lot of other conservatives, but, particularly, for conservative women. i just thank becky for the service to the commonwealth and the country. thank you. michelle i knew for years and years and years since i started at young america's foundation as a wee one graduating from the university of virginia, and managed to combine career and family in the most professional and noble manner, the three incredible young men as sons, and she ha
Jan 27, 2013 4:00pm EST
of hope and change. the obama administration was going to be that transcendent administration that brought us all together. that is why barack obama earns the white house because he said he was going to be the great uniter. remember the beautiful inaugural address is glorious where he said to conservatives, i want to listen to you, especially when we disagree. nice coming beautiful idea. he was going to meet with conservatives in congress once a week. i was a great idea. he met twice. so three days after the speech, conservatives in congress came and had a meeting and eric cantor reticulated conservative to run increasing taxes. that we shouldn't do that. you know what obama said three days after? he said eric, i want, you must come i trump you on that. a week later he said i want the folks who got us into this mess to do a whole lot less talking and a lot more listening. you can talk a little, but he wants you to stand beside mine so we cleaned this up for you. unbelievable, condescending notion of unifying the country, bringing us together. instead kansas city mantra of attack and vilify
Jan 21, 2013 10:30pm PST
well under the obama administration. some of that is pos/t 9/11. in los war will lead to a decline in information transparency access. anytime you can have less sequence -- secrecy, that is good. less secrecy is needed. it was handled at the outset by partnering with newspapers like "the guardian," traditional newspapers of distinction. wikileaks released documents around the world to newspapers in india, haiti, the middle east, latin america. it has had an impact in countries we do not know enough about. we're doing a project with six editors in latin america to look at how wikileaks has played a role in their politics. >> the media got distracted by the personality issues with julian assange. it is a fascinating, dark, twisted story, whatever is true. " people got obsessed with it. >> that is what happens. >> we have a cover story on the kim kardashian wedding now. [laughter] >> you have to pay the bills. the serious side of kim kardashian. >> i do think it is a problem. we are undertaking a project next year, the kind of project inspired by the works project to have the team acr
Jan 24, 2013 12:00am PST
, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to speak with you about it. the origin is that as the united states attorney, the administration wants me, wants all the united states attorneys, to go out into the community. it's actually a very different role for the united states attorney is envisioned by this administration. this administration, the president, attorney general holder, they want the u.s. attorneys to go out into the attorney to talk to the communities in our district to understand what the issues are and challenges are and to do what we can to help, to convene meetings, to do whatever we can to help on behalf of the administration. and as part of tha
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm PST
. somebody might say that means three. somebody might say that means two. the zoning administrator exercises discretion to say two. the zoning administrator does not have discretion to interpret that condition by changing it to something that does nothing for people trying to get to the muni railway, and i will reiterate no notice of that change, that modification, was given to us, but if it came to a letter of determination 2007 look at who we gave notice? everybody, congregations and various churches and armenian church and kzv armenian school, brother hood of christ. masonic temple and others. there is a utter break down of law and it's up to this board of appeals to enforce the laws that was written by the board of supervisors. we ask that this permit thereby be declared null and void and be revoked. thank you. >> mr. nedel. >> thank you commissioners. i am on behalf of the project sponsor and permit holder. although the 2008 interpretation and the zoning administrator is not before you i wanted to correct a factual error. that letter of determination still requires two
FOX News
Jan 8, 2013 3:00pm PST
. we'll get reaction shortly from one of the administration's biggest critics on the issue. first, national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> four months to the day since ambassador chrissteins and three others were killed in a terror attack on the u.s. benghazi mission, one of the only suspects in custody has been released. 26-year-old, tunisia detained in turkey was released by tunsen court due to lack of evidence according to the lawyer. he was present in the attack on the u.s. mission, fox news reported in november. based on video that the u.s. intelligence agencies had from the compound. his brother fought against the u.s. forces in iraq and his father encouraged both suns tovo themselveses in jihad, according to the lawyer. the f.b.i. gained access to him in late december. allowed to question him, in what some described as kangaroo court filled with protesters for three hours. law enforcement officials say he was, "probably not a big player in the attack." l others describe it as a setback to investigation that isn't progressing. >>
Jan 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
this overproduction, the roosevelt administration created this program to reduce the amount of acreage. this program lasted for a long time. and it was a good idea because the marginal land was the least productive, most ecologically sensitive land out of production. and they cleared another program to limit overproduction. these were things like the grain reserve, kind of common sense. we have an oil reserve, but we don't have a grain reserve anymore. but there was a lot of controversy around these programs. because what happened is that farmers started being able to make money from their crops based on the markups. so there were business interests even back in the '30s and 40s that were really opposed to this. in 1942, several businessmen and an advertising executive put together a business organization that has played in the decades since a barrel in powerful role in shaping the post-world war ii economy and society. it was called the committee for economic development and it was a place where the leaders could hammer out their differences on economic issues. it was the inventor of modern consume
Jan 12, 2013 4:30pm EST
, but the battle really is not lost. the american government, the obama administration's trying to do what it can to stabilize things, but it's lost a lot of influence with iraq with the departure of american forces, one thing the american forces did give the united states was more clout inside iraq. >> talk about the release of a man accused of killing american soldiers, this issue that you write about in your book, the end game, but also news that came out in november about the relief of ali musa; is that correct? >> guest: yeah. well, there's a number of events that i think worked against american interests in iraq, and the case you cite is one of them. he is not an iraqi. he's a lebanese-hezbollah operative who was sent into iraq at the best of the iranian's cud force because hezbollah is supported by iran for the purposes of training shiite militias fighting american troops. he was captured by leaders in a raid conducted by the brits in which there was an american presence held in detention by the united states, but then under the status of forces agreement, he was handed over to the iraqis.
Jan 11, 2013 7:30pm PST
. >> last year, the obama administration had a package of recommendations that appeared to be dead on arrival. why? >> examples-simpson? >> i am assuming. -- is that the bulls-simpson? -- simpson-bowles? >> i am assuming. >> i think there was pushed back in the right way. the commission was focused on cuts and not investments. the great deficit in this country is the investment deficit, the investment in people and infrastructure. there were attempts to revive it. it was a super committee proposal. i think it is a good thing the super committee failed to reach an agreement. we will see where that goes. it was not a fair deal. there was so little revenue and so much padding. -- so much cutting. someone was writing the other day that the anti-tax mania is at an all-time low. reagan was willing to raise taxes. it shows how extreme. someone said the of the grover norquist may be the most powerful person in america. the new pledge he has held canada is to. he has held candidates -- the new pledge he has held the new candidates to is keeping millions -- it has a role to play in a country
Jan 14, 2013 10:30am PST
. but you need that. you need an efficient administration but you also need that political support. i will give you a brief presentation of how it is like in brussels. this should work, ok. so i think i already told you a bit of what i feel, a politicians elected member should do. of course, we have regulations to vote, to discuss laws and permits. we have a budget to control and in that budget, you will see our mobility policy. you can have your own expenses on infrastructure work, for instance, but in brussels, we also have an important policy on financing groups, social groups who are working on the issue. and i believe we should never forget to work on equity because we have those big social differences within our town. this is just shortly a slide that shows you what already has been polled, that denmark and the netherlands, they are in fact far ahead of all of the other european countries and belgium is somewhere in-between making an effort but for sure also at this trip, i have been able to learn a lot from my european colleagues in denmark and in the netherlands. brussels is i
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
-- the obama administration is trying to do what it can to stabilize things, but it lost a lot of influence with the departure of american forces. one thing that the american forces did get in the united states is more clout inside of iraq. >> host: talk about the release of a man accused of killing american soldiers. this issue that you write about in your book, "the endgame," but also some news that came out in november about the release of ali. >> guest: there's been a number of events that i think have worked against the american interest in iraq. that duke is one of them. she is an iraqi come he is a lebanese who was sent into iraq at the behest of the american courts because hezbollah is supported by iran. for the purposes of training of the shiite militia who were fighting the american troops, and he was captured along with a number of the shiite militia leaders in the rate connected in basra by the brits in which there's an american presence held in detention by the united states. but then under the status of forces agreement he was handed over to the iraqis. >> host: this agreement
FOX Business
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
defense secretary leon panetta. the obama administration homeland security -- rather national security adviser nominated to become the next central intelligence agency director, taking of the poster designed by general david patraeus after his affair with his biographer was disclosed. appointments follow the president's december 21st nomination of senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as the secretary of state. the president is considering a new job for ambassador to the united nations susan rice. may become the next national security advisor if all the appointments are confirmed. we will have carried out an almost total revamping of his national security team. >> confident that judge will be an outstanding secretary of defense and brennan will be an outstanding director of the central intelligence agency. may understand that we are only successful because of the folks up and down the line in these respective institutions. the folks on the ground who are oftentimes putting their lives at risk for us. and oftentimes removed from washington and politics. lou: some members of the
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm EST
administration is preparing for unilateral action on gun-control . >> going to act. executive order, executive action can be taken. we have not decided yet, but we are compilingwith the help of the attorney-general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. lou: at the state level, new york governor andrew cuomo proposing what he calls the toughest assault weapon ban the nation. thdemocratic governor suggesting that the state government has the power to seize guns. infuriating gun owners and gun rights advocates when he suggested that confiscation could be an option. the assault on the constitution certainly not limited to the second amendment. congressional democrats are now urging the white house to act unilaterally on the debt ceiling as well. twenty-one democrats led by congressman peter welch said in a letter that they fully support any use of presidential authority, including interpreting the 14th amendment to support presidential action to prevent the government from going into default. that amendment contained a section stating that th
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
to the board on expenditures of funds in excess of $100,000 so that it can be done in effect an administrative matter but still reported to the board in a way the board feels like it has full knowledge and ability to control it if there is something going awry. >> why don't we go to the budget analyst report. >> [speaker not understood] reported under the proposed ordinance, the initial mitigation agreement between north star solar and puc would be for $2.9 million for a procurement of transmission capacity. however, the budget they gave us is actually for higher than that. it is about 2.9 68 million. although they didn't have any kind of detailed expenditure plan. so, we are recommending a budget and finance committee reserve on those funds pending budget details. * i believe they concur with. the second recommendation was this would in fact proactively approve 35 future such mitigation agreements, total of expenditures up to 28.3 million, with no further board of supervisors oversight. we do consider that to be a policy matter. we further recommended that expenditures, appropriations of more
Jan 16, 2013 12:00am PST
, he served as city administrator where he focused on government efficiency and measures and reforms that reduced the size and cost of government. mayor lee first began working for the city and county of san francisco in 1989 as the investigator for the city's first whistle blower program. prior to employment with the city and county of san francisco, he was the managing attorney for the asian law caucus. i first met ed in 1992 when he became the executive director for the human rights commission and we were both 16. that's two decades ago, ed. i watched him soon become the director of city purchasing and then going on to become the director of public works. i think ed is the only mayor in city history that can carry tlau on the campaign promise to fill the potholes because he actually knows how and he's the only mayor in city history that can say he actually knows every single city street because his crews probably paved them. i have had the privilege of working alongside ed for many years in city government. he has always been a cherished colleague and friend to everyone in ci
Jan 12, 2013 11:30am EST
of the political system is very much the same as it was 15 years ago. the two administrations, they were unsuccessful in transforming and deepening the changes needed in the political system. he did not try to make many more changes, with the exception of the transparency bill. nothing has happened. you see in a perspective that 12 years of the first two very fewnt's in mexico, changes. there was a transparency bill in 2002. there was a constitutional amendment in 2011 to expand the protection of human rights. for important. -- very important. just weeks before the end of president calderon's, there was a reform to the accountability, a bill to strengthen the accountability of state and local governments of mexico. there was a new labor law which i would say is very significant for the years to come. but in general, i would say the political system and mexico in the past 15 years has changed very, very little. why? why did mexico not transformed over the past 12 years? in 2000 in washington, it was a fashion to talk about a new beginning and mexico. -- in mexico. many began to experience
Jan 13, 2013 4:15pm EST
? >> no, i'm very proud of the work i did in the clinton administration and i point out one of the reasons spending was falling as a percentage of gdp was the economy was growing so fast because we had a good fiscal policy that promoted competent and economic growth. if you look at the projections today, we are projecting the retirement of the baby boom and we see more people claiming their benefits. >> i want to get to that projection. it is part of the reality that even if we cut spending in the policies we are making, as we pay the policies that are due, there are areas where spending goes up. i don't think any of us want to be saying people should not be able to collect social security benefits when they are 65. that and medicare for people who are retiring are driving aggregate spending levels. on the discretionary side, we are cutting spending. >> which is why we are baffled you haven't tackled entitlements driving our long-range projections of the cliff. speaking of those long-range projections, i look at the claims you are reducing the deficit in the long term. we have enough troub
Jan 3, 2013 10:30am PST
that had been concerned about the same abuses under the bush administration have been shot in silence with the continuation of those abuses by the obama administration. it is a reflection of the institutional culture of washington referring to the national security establishment and holding the constitution in this stain. -- disdain. >> senator ron riden -- widen proposed an amendment that would limit searches of u.s. citizens. a secret court-certified government privacy protections. just 37 senators supported that amendment. an amendment by patrick leahy would have read -- required a reauthorization of every five years. senator paul put forth an amendment that would have required individual search warrants for certain -- why isn't anyone concerned about the content of this legislation? what efforts were to try to put into place, they failed. theet's think about reverse instance. is it safe? does it make sense for america, for the congress, for the legislation to say that if there are international communications occurring that are linked to potential terrorist activity, if there is a
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
. kiriakou's the first cia official to publicly confirm and detail the bush administration's torture program, describing the waterboarding about cut operative abuses by that in a 2007 interview with abc news. he also is the first cia official to be jailed for any reason related to the torture, even those who carried it out. outside the courthouse, prosecutor neil macbride called kiriakou's sentence a warning to other whistleblowers. >> the judge just said in court, today sentence should be a reminder to every individual who works for the government who comes into possession of closely held sensitive information regarding the national defense or the identity of a covert agent that it is critical that information remains secure and not into the public domain are be shared with others who do not have authorized access to it. >> the judge in the case told kiriakou she would have sentenced him to more jail time if not for the limits imposed by the plea deal. kiriakou's supporters say he has been unfairly targeted in the obama administration's crackdown on government was a lower is. in a statement
Jan 12, 2013 5:30pm EST
commission in 1980 after having served in the carter administration. running federal education programs and having been chancellor at the university of colorado-bolder. people say i was the first women to be head of a major research university. but any case, i came and i had big fights with ronald reagan because even though i was just a commissioner, i along with one of my latino woman the only other minority on the commission babeu, we would dissent whatever the commission tried to do something that was terrible. so we had some problems. and we had the excitement. but i was on there and i went through all those fights. finally it was clip who made me the chair of the commission. >> but president carter appointed me. >> carter appointed me when i left his education running education. he got a new department of education. he appointed me to the commission. >> at what point did it become clare that the u.s. civil rights commission would become a permanent agency? >> after the first year when the reports they did what the commission did was instead of sitting down and saying okay we're hea
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
of nuclear energy. the administration is working on transforming the energy policies. the trade minster said the country will export nuclear infrastructure after ensuring that it's safe. >> translator: japan has accumulated technology and human resources related to nuclear power. we would like the chance to put these to use. meeting partners's request and safety will be the major premises of this effort. we want to keep exporting our nuclear power infrastructure. >> japan has been promoting exports of the generation facilities even after the disaster in fukushima. the previous administration led by the democratic party signed pacts with countries such as vietnam and jordan in 2011, enabling it to transport the technology. the comments suggest the government is willing to follow the new government policy. prime minister abe is riding high according to a poll. voters handed his administration a victory in a landslide election. two-thirds say they support abe's new cabinet. pollsters interviewed 1,138 people over the weekend. 64% of them back abe's cabinet. that is three times higher than the a
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
steps ared the obama administration intends to strengthen relations with japan >> the 21st century is going to be, already is the asia-pacific censure rained the cornerstone of our strategic relationship is with japan. >>> investigators looking into the troubled boeing 787 dreamliner may you can wondering if they are looking at a pattern of faults. officials with all nippon airways have revealed that during the last eight months of 2012, they have changed the batteries in the boeing plane ten times because of irregularities. the plane made an emergency landing and the batteries were found overheated and charged. the causes of the unusually high temperature in the batteries remains unknown. now they are focusing on surrounding systems including the battery charger and will return the unit on wednesday to its makers, secura plane technologies in the u.s. state of arizona. japanese and american inspectors plan to visit the company this week. >>> it has been a long journey but south korea is now a member of the exclusive club of countries that claim successful space launches. they say
Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
the budget numbers. he did this in the clinton administration when we had a surplus, as the white house points out over and over again. jeff sessions in the senate is saying no way, and one senator can make a lot of trouble, but i cannot tell whether it is a lot of bluster or not at this point. >> colby, aren't most of the battle's going to be between the white house and capitol hill? dozens, with deep congressional experience bring a certain strength -- doesn't somebody would seek congressional expense bring a certain strength? >> yeah. i worked for two treasury secretaries, and jack lew is the type of person you want at that job. there is work to be done on the hill and in the administration. i am not prepared to say that nothing is going to happen on the fiscal front. i think the president will have to do something on the fiscal front to deal with the deficit, and i don't think he can get around ed, i don't think he wants to get around at. it will be how he approaches it will make a difference. >> charles, there are rumors circulating that republicans in the house will let the seques
Jan 24, 2013 12:00am PST
alone to raise their children. >> rose: questions about the accuracy of the administration's initial depiction of the events elicited a heated response. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out fair walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from everything happening again, senator. >> rose: secretary clinton's testimony today may be her last major appearance in a diplomatic role. she hands over the reigns to senator john kerry after his confirmation. joining me now from washington, david ignatius of the "washington post." later we'll talk to michael gordon of the "new york times." david, as you watched this today, did it answer all the questions? >> well, it was-- it was a very lively exchange. most of the answers in truth have come out in the details, the report by the accountability review board, and the systematic timeline that it offered. what today provided was
Jan 17, 2013 3:30am PST
administrators and instructors and superintendents from other counties as well, as well as our community-based agencies that are so invaluable it all of us. this is a very important topic and it's one that our u.s. attorney, melinda hague and i helped spearhead yesterday with 800 students who came together who watch an incredible film by lee hirsch i've heard the wonderful reports from the kids, seen their laughter and their tears. we are going to honor your making that film by doing what we need to do to stop bullying across the country. because the data shared by our u.s. attorney, representatives from the department of education confirm if we don't do anything about it, 13 million kids will become victims again for another year. some 3 million kids across the country will decide it is better to leave their school grounds than to continue their education. there will be more stupblting of the emotional and educational growth of our kids. all across the bay, whether working here in san francisco or alameda or sonoma or santa clara county. i want to thank you law enforcement official
Jan 17, 2013 12:30pm PST
will schedule both of them for hearing before you. the zoning administrator did pass on a short report from the board of appeals this week. they elected their officers and selected commissioner chris hwang as president, and commissioner ann lazarus as vice president. >>@nrí7 good afternoon -- >> were there questions? commissioner moore. >> commissioner moore: ms. ms. rodgers. a very special element to it. just wanted to mention that. >> thank you for that. >> president fong: commissioner antonini. >> commissioner antonini: thank you. a couple of things i was interested in learning the twin peaks tavern allegedly the first of the bars with windows where you could look in. the first of the so-called fern bars because i thought ith&::úss henry -- it would be the late 60's early 70's. but on another note, i heard about the avalos legislation. and, now, i remember we've, on numerous occasions considered our policy on demolitions and reset the policy accordingly. so i don't understand why -- i guess its strfl administrative i don't know why the board of supervisors -- >> the clerk of the board
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
ward, theç fema regional administrator for region nine. [applause] çç>> good morning. welcome. it is fabulous to have such a great size of the crowd on this very important topic of recovery. we have talked a lot of with the years -- over the years about the response. we got throughç the framework transition. i understand it was painful for everyone. now we need to focus on recovery. ççthere is no better place tok about that than the building we're sitting in today. poetic and ironic that we areç in san francisco city hall. the original building was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fires. two decades ago, it was completely rebuilt because of the loma prieçto earthquake. our fingers are crossed that there will not be any earthshaking today. our deputy administrator will talk about the shape specifically. i wanted to take a moment to thank our host, edwin lee, the mayor of san francisco. he has championed an equal focus on response and recovery. today he is our host in this majestic civil service building, probably the most majestic civil service building in the cou
Jan 1, 2013 7:30am EST
nuclear power generation by the 2030s. >> reporter: the previous administration led by former prime minister yoshihko noda drafted an energy policy that stated the government would aim to shut down all nuclear plants by the 2030s. before last year's accident in fukushima, nuclear power accounted for 26% of the total energy supply in japan. currently only two out of 50 reactors in the country are online adding a mere 3% to the supply. fossil fuels are taking up the slack. utilities are paying more to import liquified natural gas to fire thermal plants. many are planning to raise electricity rates to make up for losses. japanese aren't happy about that. and they are also anxious to hear about their new government's energy plans. >> translator: we have 50 nuclear reactors in japan. we should start decommissioning the ones we can within the next three years. >> translator: i'm from fukushima so although i want to decommission the nuclear power plants i know it's hard for the community to live without them. >> translator: i don't care how long it takes, i want to hear a safe and long las
Jan 23, 2013 10:00am PST
ever happening again, senator. >> that did not satisfy the administration's leading critic, john mccain. >> i categorically reject your answer to senator johnson about, well, we didn't ask these survivors, who were flown to ramstein the next day, that is a spontaneous demonstration. the american people deserve to know answers. >>> diffusing the debt crisis, the house moving right now to raise the debt limit, but temporarily, and there's a catch. there's always a catch. >> this bill before us is real simple. it says, congress, if you don't do a budget, you don't get paid. >> this linkage is a gimmick, it's a joke, it's not right. it's designed to put people on the spot. >>> playing offense. the nra fights back against the president. >> he's more than willing to demonize his opponents, silence his critics, and slur the nra. >> our special guest, susan o z eisenhower taking on the web ad about the obama daughters. >>> and surprise, even bo obama gets into the act as the first family greets unsuspecting tourists at the white house. with, in fact, a fist bump from the commander in chief
Jan 13, 2013 2:45pm EST
and largest investment banks. in my administration, he has managed operations for the state department and the budget for the entire executive branch. i have sought his advice on virtually every decision i have made from economic policy to foreign policy. one reason he has been so effective in this town is because he is a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than television cameras. over the years, he has built a reputation as a master of policy can work with members of both parties and ford principled compromises. maybe most importantly, as the son of a polish immigrant, a man of deep and about face, he knows that every member on a page, every dollar we budget, every decision we make has to be an expression of who we wish to be as a nation, our values. values that say everybody gets a fair shot at opportunity. and says we expect all of us to fulfill our individual obligations as citizens in return. jack has my complete trust. i know i'm not alone in that. in the words of one former senator, having him on your team is the equivalent of having -- a coac
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Jan 20, 2013 12:00am PST
amendment and want to send a message to the president obama administration . basic terms for them gun appreciation day is very much appreciated. >> we have so much of the divisiveness from this particular administration. i just think that that is a group of people to try to figure out how can we make and reverse it and turn it around and make it look ugly. but it is i fabulous thing and the second amendment. >> it would have to be tougher enforcement and stronger evaluation to get a weapon. maybe if the shot gun age to be push to 21 . pistol and handguns pushed up farther that would be a good idea. >> the argument for the critics is that gun appreciation day shows tone deafness coming before martin luther king jr. day and in the wake of newtown, connecticut, governor. >> katherine, we'll talk about the increase of gun sales in recent weeks. i am hearing reports that it is extraordinary. >> yeah, i went in the gun shop to give i specific and accurate information and the gun shop told me they are basically sold out of everything. it is not just hunting weapons. it is assault weapons and
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Jan 10, 2013 2:00pm PST
: the administration is moving very quickly to regulate guns in america. vice president biden announced today he will give the president his recommendations by tuesday. they're wrapping up more meetings. biden met with the nra and will sit down with some people in the entertainment industry this evening. interestingly, the vice president isn't even sure if their proposals will do anything to solve the actual problem. >> if you look at the tragic events that garner aid tension hard to pinpoint what you could have done to ensure it would haven't happened. >> andrea: okay. i know that d.c. likes to look like they are always doing something, but eric, if he doesn't sure what he is doing will result in something successful, why are they racing to do it? >> eric: they have to do it. they have to sit down with the nra and others on the right. it's interesting what they're doing with the retail outlet, wal-mart, dick's sporting good and bass pro shops and the other ones. they will go after this to say here is a great opportunity to you guys, we'll give it to you to do the background check and give it to
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